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March 3/4/5, 2023  |  8pm  |  The Space Upstairs

photography by Anita Buzzy Prentiss

Artistic Director Pearlann Porter presents the company’s newest evening-length work (in person): performing-artists improvisationally and candidly speaking in the very same instance they are dancing. Alongside a live music score by Mark Micchelli, this work reveals what is going on inside a dancer's mind, where their choices come from, and what it’s like to be swept up in an emotional ensemble experience. This uniquely experimental presentation exposes how the performers navigate through visceral and vulnerable improvisational moments together, and what it’s like relating to one another in real-time in front of a live audience. 


If you've ever wondered how dancers improvising comes together into a unified idea, this is a rare opportunity to witness their process of choice and chance, response and reaction, and the collective "now what?"-moments shared aloud. 


(in person) is the inner story of 11 dancers as they vocalize their experience, revealing in the raw vulnerability of spoken word what movement alone leaves unsaid, and informing the audience of new ways in which the moment can be perceived. 

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